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k-pop Music Video Director Kim Eun-you

The Artist of 5 minute Videos Brings a Fantasy World to Life

As U-Kiss signed the autograph they included message at the bottom, ‘Should a director be this beautiful? Director Kim Eun-you is beautiful. But there is something even more beautiful, namely the “world of possible fantasies” that the director wants to bring to life.


Creating Fantasy through Suggestions and Symbolism.

Music videos have played a role in bringing the world’ s attention to K-POP. And in the music video market, there is someone who stands out. it is director Kim Eun-you who heads the production company 12 Rounds. ” I don’t like dragging out a story. I wanted to make videos through the use of suggestions and symbolism, like poetry Music videos suited my concept well. I am talking about displaying my imagination as freely as possible within the frame.” As expected of a great job like this, there are many young people who dream of becoming a music video director. Director Kim, however, advises caution. “First, you must know why you want this particular type of job. This is difficult profession. You suffer from emotional fluctuations. Unless you have a clear target, you can’t withstand that pain.”  Although she graduated from the State University of New York famous for film studies, the market was already highly competitive. she broke through the barriers with action and truthfulness. “I sent hand-written proposals to a number of production companies once I came back to Korea. The company that reached out was FNC Entertainment.” That is how FT lsland’s “Hello Hello” came into being in 2011. A music video is only about 5 minutes long. For directors who need to express the music in terms of video images in such as short time,, there are partners who bring special emotions and ideas to the director. “In my case it was Juniel. Juniel’s “Bad Man” and “Ilia Ilia” are the most prominent  examples. I have always wanted to make a scene where life is seen growing inside a bright and white surroundings. I had that image in my mind for a year, and as soon as I saw Juniel it came to me.”


Working with U-Kiss, F.T Island and Juniel.

What is the first task a music video director needs to solve? “First, what will be conveyed, the concept of the story must be clearly set. I do confer with the music producers, but mostly I decide the flow. The very last step is color modification and the sense of achievement you get just before the release. That feeling is undecidable.” In an age flooded with idols, drawing out the true presence of each idol is no easy task. The director says that as long as imagination is added, fresh scenes can be created even with common materials. “Showing only the idol’s shiny and pretty side doesn’t work. A new space needs to be created through imagination. For example. F.T Island’s ” Hello, Hello” has scenes where the background appears to be somewhere overseas, but in truth the scenes were shot tin a poor rural area of Korea. It is the same with Juniel’s music video.” The director was invited to KBEE (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) held in Osaka, Japan between December 14th and the 16th. As the first Korean music video director to be invited, she received as much attention as an idol group. That was a result of U-Kiss, “Tick-Tack” music video that recieved much attention in Japan in February 2012. Since the expo, even Japanese fans are looking out for Director Kim. The music video director has become a protagonist of “Hallyu.”. “I think overseas fans found me through SNS and YouTube videos I made of U-Kiss, F.T lsland, Juniel and others. There are steady  mentions on Twitter.” In reality, a music video director needs to serve multiple functions in a project. ” Working all night is very common. Of course I try to sleep for my health but it is not easy. I have energy because I an happy.” For Director Kim, even the time she has set aside to recharge is spent with video material. “What I love the most has become my work. Even when I am resting, I watch movies or look for ideas.” What i s Director Kim, who is already receiving much attention, thinking about working on next? “I want to make music videos for indie musicians in Hongdae., I like the music from the band Dear Cloud. The lyrics by the vocalist Nine moved me when I was studying abroad. I want to work with those who are truthful.”

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